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Christianity Related Japanese Course

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Bible Class (for Intermediate Students)

Japanese Course to learn Japanese related to Christianity. Appropriate for intermediate students.
You will learn expressions and vocabulary used in church services, sermons and the Bible that you don’t see in regular Japanese lessons and textbooks.

This course is recommended if:
you are a missionary and plan to preach in Japanese churches.
you go to a church in Japan.
you are interested in Christianity in Japan.

Lesson Day/Time Fridays (11:25-13:00, 2 x 45 minute lessons)
Enrollment Fee (First time only) 5,500 yen
Lesson Fee 16,500 yen (8 lessons)

* Minimum number of students required: 3

Correction of Japanese Scripts for Church Services and Sermons in Japanese

Script correction lessons via e-mail, for missionaries who give church services and sermons in Japanese churches.

Registration Fee (First time only) 5,500 yen
* Registration fee is waived for graduates of
Kobe YWCA College Japanese courses.
Fees 6,600 yen per script (4,320 yen for graduates)

* All prices include 10% consumption tax.

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